Friday, July 26, 2013

What and who do I believe....

We live in a technology age where information is at our disposal with the click of a button.  My motto is do not always believe everything you read.  There is much more to any agency than what you read about them.  All information can be valuable if used correctly.  Below are some links to research skilled nursing facilities in Texas.  I recommend pulling up the information, then if there is something that concerns you, ask them about it!  Sometimes what really happened is as severe as it sounds, and sometimes it is completely different from what you are expecting.  Take the time to ask the facility about your concerns.  Often times facilities put a plan of action in place to fix any past problems and they should be able to discuss in detail how they are combating that particular issue.  The technology we have is valuable, but we cannot forget the basics of building relationships, using our intuition and making a well informed decision based on more than just information we got at the click of our fingers!

Texas Nursing Home Compare

Federal Nursing Home Compare

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